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I’m frustrated

Copy Product - Attachment File

Alright CC insists this is a "feature" I think its a problem. Unless someone else feels the same way.

Here is the problem :

Copy a Product - > Delete Attachment on Copied Product -> Attachment Removed, File removed from server and original product has dead link.

Core said this is how things are setup to function. What I don't understand is that now we have created a dead link on the site. The rep said after you copy a product you have to go back and do clean up and fix the old product and delete the link.

Am I the only person this makes no sense to?

From the sounds of it my only option is to get votes to create a new "feature" or pay to fix what I feel is a programming problem with the software.

Maybe someone can advise me on this! We have to go back now and check our links to see what products have been copied and what links are missing now...

Sorry for venting I am just very frustrated....
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