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Do you ever ship part of order only? How?

Do you ever ship part of order only? How?

Let's say we have a customer order several things, but one of the items is on back-order for 2 weeks. We want to send what we have available, so we select partially shipped from the dropdown menu.

Problem is; you can't specify which of the 2 products is being shipped and which is on BO and will follow

Customer receives a box in the mail with an invoice stating 2 products are inside, shows charge for 2 products and gets all upset when finding only 1

I can email customer about all this but;

  1. Lot of people don't frequently check their emails (+ we allow checkout without entering email address)

  2. It's bad to send invoice with wrong information regardless

  3. Just makes things more complicated and time consuming

So what can be done? I think I have a pretty simple solution (taken from Amazon marketplace)

Whenever an order has more than 1 product there is a select box where you can unselect the backordered product and it grays out from invoice, we can do even better and when unselecting a product enter a message or putting in an ETA

Would love to it implemented, I see other users also have backorder issues see this post (who doesn't have?) when I called support they fully understood that is an important issue that will benefit a lot of us

Thanks much in advance:)
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