Import/Export functionality needs to be improved

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In my opinion, the way CoreCommerce handles Importing and Exporting of products needs to be improved.

1. The import process should mirror the export process.

The steps to import your products should mirror the steps used to export your products.
When exporting the current steps are

i) 'Select Action' - I select 'Standard Export' (I just want to do a quick text find and replace)
ii) 'Export Products which belong to: All Categories'
iii) Click 'Export' to download the file

When importing the current steps are

i) 'Select Action' - I select 'Import Products' - I think this should be 'Standard Import' so that I know I'm following the same steps I used to export my products.
ii) the next screen doesn't make sense to me. It should be clear that you can EITHER upload the file to your server OR find it on your system and upload via the browser. There is no OR anywhere, it just says 'Step 1 - upload to server' then 'Step 2 - find the file on your system' (see image below)
iii) Step 3 is optional and confusing (regarding uploading images to the server) - it should be clear that if I haven't changed my images, I don't need to upload anything.
iv) Step 4 should also mirror the export process - what should I choose here? Am I 'Inserting/Updating' my products? Yes. Or am I just 'Updating' maybe I should check that box instead? 'Remove Products not included in the import file' - what does this mean?

2. The import process page needs to be fixed.

As above, the import steps are not clear. I don't think it's Step 1, followed by Step 2. I think it's follow either Step 1 OR Step 2.

(see image below)
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I agree, the import and export process is very confusing, and I have avoided using it so as to not ruin the work ive already done. I have thousands of products that I could put on my site, but havent due to the complexity of getting them uploaded. Corecommerce, if our businesses fail because your shopping cart is too confusing and disfunctional, then you loose too!
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I agree 150%. We currently can't even export info our to update or add to because the system is only exporting one image per product (even if a product already has multiple images uploaded) This means that if we do an export and then re-import the file (even if we don't change a single character in the file) we lose hundreds of our images. We have made this mistake in the past only to have to manually re-enter hundreds of images.

Also, is there a way to select which vendors you want to import information to the same way that you can choose the specific category and vendor you want to export? That way if something goes wrong with the import it only affects one vendor's products as opposed to screwing your entire inventory.
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Also, it should be a full import - if personalizaiton fields are changed, not everything is updated, only certain fields.
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I heartily agree that the overall process is confusing and difficult and seems to in-general have been neglected -- examples include typos and missing fields from the documents that are supposed to help you set up an import. I could go on and on about this, but the basic point is....

Someone should be assigned to review the import/export process, clean it up and fix the errors. And by "review", I mean make them try to use it! It doesn't need a complete overhaul, but it needs someone to test and fix all the user interface and documentation issues.
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I use the import export functionality extensively because I often adjust pricing to match competitors. In my experience it only takes one or two times to get used to the process and if you are unsure (as I was the first time I used it) you can call support. Overall it has helped me make changes to the inventory in much less time than it would normally take to make simple changes to 200+ products.

There is always room for improvement but I think the import export function accomplishes everything I need it to