Shipping options not available on site

how do i enable shipping options? When I proceed to checkout, I am not getting any options...?
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  • Kirsten,

    This can happen if you have not set up your shipping options. You will need to make sure you have followed the steps below.

    Login to your CoreCommerce Admin Panel.
    • Hover over Setttings.
    • Click on Shipping Settings.
    • Click on the Setup Shipping Zones link.
    • Located the Current Shipping Zones (All Undefined Zones) and click Edit
    • You will now see the shipping options for this shipping Zone.
    • Click Configure beside the shipping method you want to use for this shipping zone.

    If these steps have been followed and you are still not getting shipping options, please refer to the following article.

    If for some reason you are still not getting any rates, please contact technical support through chat, phone or send in a ticket and we will look into your shipping settings.
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