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alerts and pop up notifications

I am still learning Project recon but I was hoping it has pop up alert when a to do item was assigned to you. Like an instant messeger pop up. you had to acknowledge it so it would stop blinking on your task bar. Do you have anything like that in the works?
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  • Peter Rust (Software Development Manager) June 10, 2011 17:56

    This is a great idea!

    The current architecture (embedded IE) doesn't support notifications very well, but I'll be moving PR to either Prism or Chromeless soon (both mozilla-based) and they both support system tray / taskbar notifications. It shouldn't be too hard to write a script that listens for the project cache update (this occurs when to-do items change -- including when the assignment of an item changes) and scan the old project data and new project data looking for new to-dos assigned to you or pre-existing to-dos that were not assigned to you before, but now are. If this occurs, the script could fire a notification to let you know. In order for this to be helpful, I would also need to change PR to check for updates while minimized to the system tray (currently it only checks while not minimized).

    This is a bit outside from the core functionality of Project Recon (to date, anyway), so I would be tempted to write it as an optional User Script.

    It will probably be a month or more before I get a public beta of PR read on Prism/Chromeless, so I can't promise this feature will be available soon - but I do like it & will add it as a feature request to our system.
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