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The Future of Community Powered by Get Satisfaction

We are working hard on the Get Satisfaction platform and would like to show you our next generation of services. Join us Thursday, January 15th @ 11am PT as we host Dave Rowley, CTO, Get Satisfaction.

Dave will share key customer-requested features that are available today. As well as our product vision, new features you'll see in the coming months, and describe how we're shaping our team and software to make it all happen.

In just 30 minutes, you'll learn more about:

  • Gamification: how to use points and badges to incentivize healthy community behavior and identify potential champions/li>
  • Membership Management: use your community to send bulk email invitations, category follows, and private category access.
  • New content: access fresh articles and new content for your community FAQs and blog posts.


David Rowley

DAVID ROWLEY CTO, Get Satisfaction

Community IQ

5 Ways to Measure the Health of Your Community

Most community managers who are in tune with their community can give a quick, gut-feel assessment of the health of their community. But how do you tie this "gut-feel" back into your business goals or the bottom line?

  • How effective your community is as a resource for your customers
  • Key topics and trends in membership, engagement, and traffic
  • How valuable an asset your community is to your businesst
  • Responsiveness and discoverability


Mike Connors

MIKE CONNORS Director, Customer Success Get Satisfaction

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Why Community is the CENTER of the Customer's Journey

It’s a well known fact that today’s buyer is as much as 80% of their way to making a purchase decision before ever engaging directly with a company.

Join Vanessa DiMauro, CEO & Chief Digital Officer with Leader Networks. She will show how can you interact with prospects earlier in the buying process without being invasive. And once you have made the sale, how to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction?

You will learn how community enables companies to:

  • Be easier to find, earlier in the buying process
  • Highlight the complete benefits of their offering—not just the ones that brought the potential buyer to them in the first place
  • Promote strong customer references and success stories—told through the buyer’s point of view
  • Showcase the strength of their support and ongoing engagement programs


Vanessa DiMauro

Vanessa DiMauro CEO & Chief Digital Officer Leader Networks

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How to Find Champions and Make them Advocates

Brand advocates, or Champions, are key in ensuring the success of your online community. After all, Champions are your most loyal customers, your biggest fans, and your most helpful users. But how do you find champions and make them advocates?

Join us, Wednesday, November 12th at 10am PT | 1pm ET, as we host a panel of Community Managers, including: Bryan Koci with Voxox, Gwen Meesters with Rabobank, and Kristen Gastaldo with Blackbaud.

This panel of experts will share best practices and tips & tricks about Champions and brand advocacy programs.

You will learn:

  • Why community leaders and Champions are important to communities
  • How to define your Champions program
  • How to identify, recruit, and motivate Champions
  • What kinds of guidelines your community should have


Bryan Koci

Bryan Koci
Community Manager, Voxox

Gwen Meesters

Gwen Meesters
Customer Success Manager, Robobank

Kristen Gastaldo

Kristen Gastaldo
Community Manager, Blackbaud

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How Hootsuite Used Customer Community to Build its Customer Advocacy Program

Who wouldn’t want the kind of spectacular growth that social media platform provider Hootsuite is experiencing? In the last year alone, Hootsuite has grown from 7 to more than 10 million users.

What’s the secret behind the company’s massive growth—and its ability to scale? It’s the power of peer-to-peer interactions in its online community.

Jeanette,VP of Community and Customer Experience at Hootsuite, will share how getting customers talking to one another and with prospects has opened up new markets and strengthened its brand.

You will learn how community allows them to:

  • Expand into new countries it couldn't otherwise enter
  • Connect with them in personalized communications
  • Localize product offerings, tailor launches, and offer support in 15 languages—24/7
  • Provide a stream of best practices for Hootsuite products


Jeanette Gibson

Jeanette Gibson VP Community and Customer Experience Hootsuite

Community Management Essentials Certification

Preview Community Management Essentials Certification Course

What sets apart a thriving, engaged online community? A rock star community manager! That’s why Get Satisfaction and FeverBee, a leading community authority, got together to offer Community Management Essentials. This on-demand, professional certification course covers every aspect of managing a crowd-pleasing community.

View the On-Demand recording for a preview and hear Caty Kobe, the training lead at FeverBee share highlights from the Community Management Essentials course. In just 30 minutes you will learn to:

  • Conduct an internal readiness analysis
  • Seed and grow your online community
  • Build a moderation code of conduct

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How Bluenose Built a Vibrant Thought Leadership Community

Companies build communities for many reasons—to deliver social support, increase their brand and website performance, and to generate product ideas. Find out what happened when Bluenose Analytics flipped that approach, starting with community first!

Join us and learn how Bluenose uses their community to:

  • Connect members with their peers in order to learn, grow, and network
  • Generate meaningful conversations about how their members can do their jobs better
  • Integrate with other social channels such as their blog, Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Improve SEO by bubbling up conversations to Google search

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Catherine Blackmore, Chief Customer Officer

Catherine Blackmore
Chief Customer Officer

Jaime Morocco, Community Manager

Jaime Morocco
Community Manager

Community IQ

5 Best Practices for Driving Community Engagement

Many support organizations and community managers are tasked with increasing community engagement. Sound familiar, but not sure how to take it up a notch?

Join us as we host Kristen Gastaldo, Community Manager with blackbaud. You will learn how to:

  • Engage your community by attracting members early
  • Connect with them in personalized communications
  • Provide ways and incentives to keep members involved
  • Analyze metrics and results to see if your efforts are hitting the mark

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Kristen Gastaldo Community Manager blackbaud

Community IQ

How to Connect Community to Your Business Systems

If you are responsible for defining, executing, tracking, measuring or optimizing your company’s customer experience, this 30 minute interactive session will give you a taste of how Get Satisfaction can help you align your business around online customer communities.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a truly 360 view of customer communication
  • Use customer engagement as a leading success indicator
  • Post replies and link topics to support cases within your CRM and help desk environment

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The Community Effect: When Customers Get Help, Give Help & Share Ideas

With a rapidly-growing customer base, the support team at SPS Commerce had their work cut out for them. So, in late 2012, the company decided to offer self-service via an online community to complement its traditional support channels.Join us Tuesday, July 22nd at 10am PT | 1pm ET as our guest speaker, Jessica McDouall, Director of Non-Integrated Services, shares what happens when customers get help, give help & share ideas.

You will learn how a community allowed them to:

  • Lower contact volume--deflecting over 28,000 customer contacts
  • Improve customer support--self-service allowed the support theam to go from tactical and reactive to more strategic and proactive
  • Better capture customer ideas--capturing 50 customer ideas in a 12-month period

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Jessica McDouall Director Non-Integrated Services.
SPS Commerce

Community IQ

How to Increase Brand Trust with Community-Generated Content

A hallmark of a successful community is high brand trust. That trust comes from content and conversations—especially when created by community members. But how do you get your members to participate?

You will learn how to:

  • Increase user-generated content
  • Build trust in your company-authored content
  • Enhance the impact of brand trust to your social strategy

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Kim Celestre, Forrester Research