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Balsamiq's community lives up to core value of radical transparency.

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How Community Delivers Value Across the Enterprise

Service & Support

Reduced Support Tickets by 75%

Reduce Support Tickets

Direct support requests away from high-cost service channels and increase agent productivity.

Provide Better Self-Service

Let your customers create social knowledge for you.

Enable Peer-to-Peer Support

Empower your best customers to become support champions on your behalf.


While growing the business 5x, support volume reduced by 30%

Coke Rewards

Over 2300 members participating and
2000 topics in their community

SPS Commerce

Over 2,600 community members and 1,769 topics posted in the community.


8% drop in shopping cart abadonment and a 5% increase in search traffic


Supports over 6300 members participating in their community


80% of customer problems resolved with tools provided in the community


Increased peer-to-peer support response rate by 557% year-over-year


3500 customer generated topics to answer questions


Able to support millions of users with a mostly volunteer support staff

Marketing & SEO


5% increase in organic search traffic, 8% decrease in cart abandonment

Improve Your Search Performance (SEO)

Drive more pageviews with engaging community content.

Make Your Website More Engaging for Prospects

Easily create community-powered customer experiences on your website.

Leverage Community Content for Marketing

Leverage customer reviews and praise as marketing content to generate new leads.


Pampers Facebook Community creates content that drives SEO for the their brand website


Community pageviews are a source of customer acquisition


5% improvement in referral traffic to their marketing website from the community


Customer testimonials in the community convince prospects to buy

Hallelujah Acres

Using company updates, Hallelujah Acres announces and discusses company events and promotions

Enphase Energy

Using "praise" topics, they highlight a customer of the week

Aerohive Networks

Improved brand equity from customer testimonials in the community


Community topics are a source of pageviews that drive new customer acquisition


Shoppers get product questions answered on product pages

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