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Training Center

Welcome to the Get Satisfaction Training Center! We want your customer community to be full of activity and provide an incredible value to both your company and customers. This Training Center, combined with our Help Center, should provide you with everything you need to know about setting up, growing, maintaining, and receiving value from your Get Satisfaction customer community.

Building Your Community »

So you’ve recently activated a customer community on Get Satisfaction. Congratulations! Follow the tutorials outlined in this section in order to get your community up and running.

Ongoing Community Care »

Communities are like gardens - they require proper care and nurturing in order to reap the best value from them. The tutorials in this section will teach you how to properly care for your community in order to encourage growth and mutually beneficial conversations.

Community Metrics & ROI »

Measure your community’s growth and activity, and tie it back to the overall bottom line. The tutorials in this section will discuss KPIs, measurement and reporting, and how to calculate ROI.

Get Certified! »

Need a little more? Get Satisfaction offers 3 professional certification courses - Community Management, Community Strategist, and GetSat Platform. Grow your skill set and bulk up your resume with our professional certification courses!

Recent Graduates

Matt Evans

San Diego, CA

Bryan Koci

San Diego, CA

Marc Siegel

San Jose, CA

Shaina Moats

Austin, TX

Lee Roquet

Hailey, ID