Champion Badges

Once you’ve defined your Champions Program, it’s time to recognize those special users in your community who make a large contribution and fill an informal leadership role. Champion users have a special badge in the community with a trophy icon to indicate their status.

Here are a few Champs from the Get Satisfaction Community:

Kristen, Ben, and Amy are friendly faces in our community!


Topics Covered:


Granting & Revoking Champion Status

Champion status may be granted or revoked from Manage Workspace. To learn how to give a community member Champion status in your community, read this Help Center article: People Management – Anointing Champion Status.

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Giving Champs Access to Manage Workspace

You also have the option of giving some of your trusted Champs a Management Seat. When you give a Champ a Management Seat, they will have access to the topic Moderation tools, Status-setting, and the Management View. They can also add and remove tags and product associations from topics. Champions with a Management Seat cannot:

  • Create Company Update topics
  • Promote and demote Employee replies as the “Official Response”
  • Grant new users as Champions, or enable a Management Seat for other Champs or Employees
  • Import topics to Zendesk/ Salesforce (when applicable)

Giving a Champ a Management Seat does count toward your total number of available seats. To enable a Management Seat for a Champion, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your community’s Manage Workspace and navigate to the Employees & Roles page
  2. Scroll to the Customer Champions section of the page, and find the Champ that you would like to grant privileges to.
  3. Click the “Management Seat” checkbox next to their name

You can revoke a Champ’s Management Seat at any time by unchecking the box next to their name.


Assign Management Seats to Champs from the Employees & Roles page.

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