Get Satisfaction for Facebook

Get Satisfaction’s Facebook application allows customers to mirror their Get Satisfaction communities within their Facebook brand pages.

Your customers can then interact with your customer community without ever leaving Facebook. Content created through the Facebook application can be repurposed dynamically anywhere on your website, and you can also run analytics on this content to get even more insight into the value of your Facebook Fans.

The GS for Facebook app as installed on Get Satisfaction’s Facebook page.



Get Satisfaction for Facebook is available to customers on any paid plan. The application can easily be installed, configured, and uninstalled from the Admin section of your Get Satisfaction community.

Basic instructions appear on the Facebook page in your community’s Admin Section.

In order to install the application you need to have Admin privileges for both your Get Satisfaction community and your Facebook page. Check out this video for a quick overview on how to install and configure the app:


New Features (May 2013)

In May 2013 we added a few new features to our Facebook app.

Admins can now choose which search prompt they’d like to display for their users. They can choose to show a search prompt with the conversation types (our traditional feedback form), or our new simplified search bar with a custom prompt. Additionally, admins now have the option to add an HTML-formatted header message to their app that will appear underneath the banner image. This can be used to link to additional resources or feature announcements.

Both of these features can be managed from the Facebook page in the Admin Section of your community. The search experience is controlled from the “Select Search Prompt” section, and the custom message can be edited from the “Other Display Options” section.

Highlight community happenings with a custom header message!


Admins on our Enterprise plans can add federated search results to their Facebook app. With federated search enabled, users will be exposed to both community topics and relevant articles from the knowledge base source that you specify. To manage the federated search feature, log in to the Admin Section of your community and click on the Federated Search page.

Federated search results in our Facebook app.


Topics from our customer community

Feel free to browse the recent topics in our community that have been posted about our Facebook application. They may help answer your question or inspire you to post a new topic.