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    Build Your Community IQ:
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    Get Satisfaction is an online
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    customers to unlock new value
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Online Community. The Shortest Distance
Between You and Your Customer

Get Satisfaction Home

What is an online community?

Online communities break new ground in the company-customer relationship.

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Get Satisfaction Home

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Get Satisfaction offers the fastest time to value for you and your customers

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Get Satisfaction Home

Our unmatched community expertise.

No one has more expertise and experience in online community platforms than Get Satisfaction.

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Get Satisfaction powers thousands of active customer communities, hosting more than 35 million consumers each month.

What is an online community?

Today's customers expect a different type of relationship with companies, and they will reward brands that create friendly ways for them to engage—so they can get faster answers to questions, provide feedback or gather information to make purchase decisions.

Online communities are the most powerful way for companies to connect with today's customers. Companies look to their communities to modernize support, accelerate sales, differentiate from competitors, and stay current on what customers really want.

Online communities unlock new value for companies and customers alike. Isn’t it nice when everyone wins? Learn more about community.

What sets Get Satisfaction apart?

How do we ensure the fastest time to value in the industry?

Get Satisfaction starts with a simple, affordable pricing model. Then we make implementation so easy that companies are up and running in days, not months.

When the community goes live, our community platform design makes it simple for everyone, from a one-time visitor to your most passionate expert. Anyone can join in and get value right away—and from any device. From there, we share support, resources and expertise so you build a community that your customers love.

Just as important, Get Satisfaction helps you build lasting value over time, with community platform tools that help you turn a new stream of customer insights into action and profits.

Get Satisfaction's unmatched community expertise

With thousands of communities and millions of users, Get Satisfaction is uniquely qualified to build innovative community software. Thousands of customers—from major brands to innovative start-ups&mdashtrust us with their online community.

Every day, we help them offer communities that support critically important business goals across customer support, sales, marketing, and product development.


Get Satisfaction helps companies build engaging customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle

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