Inspired by Community Manager Appreciation Day,

The Ultimate Kit for a Customer-Obsessed Business!

Here at Get Satisfaction, we’ve learned that the best Community Managers are like superheroes: mild-mannered most of the time, but always ready to save their citizens, especially in a crisis. We are honored to have such an amazing network of Community Managers to work with and draw inspiration from. In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, we’ve compiled a kit of resources that includes perspectives from successful community managers and strategic guides for creating a customer-obsessed business.

Whether you’re evaluating community strategies or looking for best practices, this kit is our gift to you, including:

  • Our newest eBook: Ten Tips from the Superheroes of Community Management
  • Our newest infographic: The Superheroes of Customer Community
  • The Community Effect: The Art of Becoming a Customer Experience Leader Whitepaper
  • The Community Effect: The Science of Managing a Successful Community Whitepaper

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