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Get Satisfaction is a platform that lets your customers interact with each other, be heard and find resolution in more ways than ever - because the power of community is conversation.

Designed with the Customer in mind

Guided Conversations

Your customers engage in the right conversations with four unique topic types: Ask a Question, Share an Idea, Report a Problem, Give Praise.

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Social Knowledge Base

Your community becomes a robust social knowledge base that lets your customers get answers whenever they need.

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H o w   d o   I   a d d   a   n e w   a c c o u n t ?
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How do I add a new account?

Richard239 asked in Questions Reply +1
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It should be under “Accounts -> Settings -> Email”.

AshleyTX (user) Reply +1
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Perfect, thanks so much!

Richard239 asked in Questions Reply +1
Easy Customer Engagement

Customers participate through replies, starring, or marking a plus one, letting them interact with each other seamlessly.

Get Satisfaction

Does your Bronco bike come in blue?

AshleyTX asked in Questions

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Yes! It comes in red, blue and black.

Gareth239 replied in Questions

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Empower Your Advocates

Identify your Champions and empower them to help out in the community.

Management Tools Put You in Control

You’re the host, so you determine what type of community experience your customers will have. Choose whether to make your community private or public, customize it to match your company’s branding, and organize content in a way that’s valuable for you and your customers.

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