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    Your Prospects Are Making
    Decisions Without You.
    Too many opinions are formed before
    your sales teams can get in front of a prospect.
    Community plugs you in earlier.

Accelerate Sales

Get Satisfaction Support Community

Find Prospects.

Find future customers wherever they are.

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Get Satisfaction Support Community

Shorten Sales Cycles

Move prospects along the buying cycle faster.

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Get Satisfaction Support Community

Safeguard Relationships

Increase retention and renewals.

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Find Prospects

Find prospects

  • Capture high-value leads based on individuals’ community participation.
  • Display content where ever prospects are—a website, a search engine or Facebook.
  • Find prospects on any device.
Shorten Sales Cycle

Shorten sales cycles

  • Show content and conversations most suitable to a prospect’s stage in the buying cycle
  • Share content generated from your biggest brand advocates.
  • Use CRM integration to track the progress of leads based on their community participation.
Safeguard relationships

Safeguard relationships

  • Monitor customer behavior in your community to spot upsell opportunities.
  • Follow online conversations to identify issues that could impact retention.
  • Get a full view of customers by integrating community with sales and marketing applications.

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