Community Puts the “R” Back in CRM

Community builds relationships the way you build any other—by bringing people together to have real conversations.

5 Reasons to Boost CRM with a Customer Community

#1: Accelerate support resolutions

  • Instantly handle common questions without agent intervention
  • Handle questions around-the-clock with peer-to-peer interactions
  • Satisfy customers’ demand for self-service

#2: Decrease support tickets

  • Reduce the number of tickets your support team manages
  • Automate frequently- asked questions
  • Grow your knowledgebase organically every day

#3: Enhance your knowledgebase with customer content

  • Capture a view of everything to be known about a customer
  • Include community conversations and interest areas for a unified profile
  • Bring knowledge gleaned from the community to bear on support interactions

#4: Enhance customer intelligence

  • Capture a complete view of everything to be known about a customer
  • Include community conversations and interest areas for a unified profile
  • Bring knowledge gleaned from the community to bear on support interactions

#5: Extend community beyond support

  • Accelerate sales by engaging prospects earlier in the sales cycle
  • Create an engaging customer experience that promotes brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Tap the wisdom of customers to know what products and services they want next

5 Reasons to Trust Get Satisfaction with Your Community

#1: We’re a pure-play community platform with unmatched experience

Community may be new to many, but we’re old-timers. For the last six years, community has been our singular focus and passion. With thousands of customers—from major brands to fast growing web-based businesses—we have more community experience, expertise and technical know-how than any other solution provider.

#2: We’re purpose-built around the customer experience

Our modern community experience means faster, wider adoption by your customers. Our customer-centric design makes it easy for anyone to engage. Our resolution-oriented approach means customers always know the status of an issue. We’ve built everything around the customer experience.

#3: We integrate with critical business Systems

With our open platform, you can quickly and easily integrate the power of community with your other critical business systems. Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Marketo, HootSuite, and more. You name it. We connect seamlessly with all of them, adding more customer ‘umph’ to what they offer.

#4: We offer unparalleled support, resources and training

Ongoing support, resources and expertise is a vital component of what we offer. Customer Success Managers guide you through the art and science of community. We’ve built a vast library of best practices to ensure your success. We even pioneered the first community management professional certification course to institutionalize our deep knowledge.

#5: We deliver the fastest time to value

With our simple, affordable pricing model, you see value immediately. We don’t have hidden costs. We don’t believe in penalizing you with extra charges as your community grows. And our easy implementation means you are up and running in days, without the need for expensive professional services.

6 Companies Using Get Satisfaction to Enhance Support


P&G’s Braun and Oral B brands deployed a support community with a specific goal—reach customers faster and in a more cost effective way. Mission accomplished: The brands reduced support costs 67% while increasing customer satisfaction by 10%.

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce has the good fortune of a rapidly- growing customer base, many of whom expect a self-help option. By the end of the first year of its Get Satisfaction community, the company estimates it deflected over 28,000 customer contacts—300% more than it had forecasted.

Koodo Mobile

With a customer base of over one million, Koodo Mobile wanted a community that would mostly run itself. After establishing a comprehensive knowledgebase, Koodo actually freed up resources. The results are eye-opening: More than 95% of community questions are answered without employee involvement and there’s been a 44% increase in call deflections.


TechSmith’s community serves as a great way for customers to let the company know when products are on track, when something isn’t up to snuff, and where they want TechSmith to go next. The community provides a scope and diversity of feedback that would be cost prohibitive by traditional methods. In the development of one new product alone, TechSmith estimated nearly $500,000 in savings.


When Prezi launched in 2009, it embedded a Get Satisfaction community into its strategy right out of the gate. Today, the community of 60,000+ members delivers customer support, product feedback and peer- to-peer idea sharing. It also has two newer communities in Spanish and Portuguese.


Endomoto saw its customer base grow 330% in just one year. Ten million new people signed on for the service but support requests never increased. Why? A Get Satisfaction community picked up the slack.

About Get Satisfaction

Based in San Francisco, Get Satisfaction provides an online community platform connecting companies with customers to foster relationships that unlock new value for both sides. Companies of all sizes and industries—from Kellogg’s, P&G and Intuit to Sonos, HootSuite and SugarCRM—rely on Get Satisfaction to deliver online communities that modernize customer support, accelerate sales, differentiate their brand and inspire new innovations. Get Satisfaction’s community platform offers the fastest time to value for companies ready to embrace the way today’s customers want to engage.

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