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"All guns" purchased but do not appear in app

Hello, purchased the "all guns" option in the store, received email receipt from my Google account bit none of the guns have appeared on my wall?
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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) May 09, 2019 19:40
    Please forward to us your Apple App Store or Google Play Store receipt along with your 40-digit iGun Pro account ID, so we can reconcile your transaction and manually add the content to your account.

    On iOS:

    1. Launch the iOS system Settings app, scroll down to find iGunPro and turn "Email Support" to "ON".
    2. Tap the Options button (gear icon) .
    3. Tap "Account Management", scroll down, and tap "Email Support".
    4. A pre-filled email form will be populated with your account information. Write a short note describing your tech support issue. Tap "Send" to email to our support email address.

    On Android:

    1. Enter the Link Account screen (tap on the gear icon)
    2. Email the 40-digit iGun Pro account ID to Take a screenshot if that's easier for you.
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