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A suggestion.

Currently, in iGun Pro 2, I have 255 cards for my Glock 17. My Glock 17 is at level 9. These cards serve no real purpose, they’re just sort of... there. My suggestion is that once a weapon is upgraded to its maximum level, any additional cards for it can be sold back in exchange for coins. Now, hear me out on this. I know that making money is important to you. I’m not criticizing you for it - that’s just the way the world works. I know that, because of this, features that discourage players from purchasing coins/rubies with real money aren’t exactly something that you’re keen on implementing. But, think about it like this: if someone’s gotten a weapon to level 9 manually, then chances are that they aren’t buying coins no matter what. The only people that this would make a difference to are the ones who weren’t buying coins to begin with, so it makes no difference to your business either way. Besides, it’s not like you’d have to give a massive payout for the cards anyways - even if it was just 1 coin per card, it’d at least be something. It would help out the people who are in it for the long haul, but wouldn’t be enough to change the minds of the people who are/would be buying coins - the ones keeping your business afloat. And, of course, it’d finally give us something to do with the extra cards - once we get the gun to level 9, of course.

Please take this idea into consideration. I personally believe that it would be beneficial to the game as a whole, for all parties involved. Take care!
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