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A problem in Achivements

Hi. I have a problem in Achivements.
I have shot about a million of bullets in iGun Pro. But my Achivement has stopped after 53% progress of "General".
I have checked that the percentage of Achivements does not changed even after I shoot thousands of bullets.
I think that I must have achieved "Out of Ammo" very long time ago. haha....
Please tell me how I can achive my Achivements.
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  • There are known bugs with Game Center achievements. There is no extra reward for obtaining all the achievements, but we will try to fix this bug in a future release.

    There is a bug where certain achievements are not being reported to Game Center. Also, if you delete and re-install the app, it will reset the app's internal shot counter to 0, but you won't see any progress until you reach your previous shot count that was successfully recorded in Game Center.
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