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I’m sad

All my guns dissapeared!


My name is Alexander and I have a problem with Igun Pro. See, I was playing the game for a really long time, I think about 6 monts, and I absoluteley loved it.

I still love it but here's the ordeal. A while back my phone broke down and I got it repaired immediately. During the reparation process my phone also received a reset. Because of this I lost all my guns I had collected over the past months. This has dissapointed me a lot because I was really into the game and the collection I was really happy about and proud of just disappeared. I had even organised the weapons in a certain order.

I am really hoping that there is a way to return my collection because otherwise I would have to save up all those coins all over again and I would be devastated. I was hoping there is something that could be done with my google playstore account. I have a samsung phone if that makes any difference. I am placing this on both the Facebook page and the Crimson Moon Support webpage if that's any better.

I look forward to a response.

Greetings from The Netherlands,

A big fan of Igun Pro and Crimson Moon,

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