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Bug list for 4.9:

Building up a bug list for 4.9:

-The reload sound of LMGs are out of sync when the hatch is closed (4.8 bug/oversight? I think the time the reload sound plays can be ajusted)
-Moving the charging handle, but not enough to eject a round, then letting go chambers ANOTHER round (meaning the gun eats a bullet). (4.8 bug)
-Guns dim when fired resulting in flickering. Easy to notice on the newer handguns (.50 Deagle, Px4) and guns that have no flash while they are on full-auto (4.8 bug)
-The dry-fire click is easily heard over the firing sound. (4.9 bug?)
-The 90-Two's lower part of the slide (that little thing at the front that goes into the frame when cocking it) doesn't move/dissappear when fired. (4.8 bug)
-Bullets can be seen outside of the barrel on the C96 when pulling back and firing. Easier to do when in full auto. It's just that the chambered bullet doesn't get affected by recoil. It affects all the guns with visible bullets when cocking the slide but it's easy to notice on the C96 (Dunno when this bug first started, I know it existed in 4.7 and in versions older than that)
‎-That strange glitch where it continues to fire while reloading.(4.8 bug)
-Double tapping to reload fires the gun. (4.8 bug)
-The reload button appears before the gun is fully empty (4.8 bug? Is it like like this to indicate that the magazine is empty and not the gun itself?)
-iOS elements (volume/ringer HUD, Notification Center) are locked on Landscape mode, home button on right, while actively using a gun. Running iOS 5.0.1 if you need to know (4.8 bug)

And some personal input that kinda relates:

-Smoke lag isn't as bad but it's still there. IMO, the way muzzle smoke is handled should be reverted back to how it was in 4.7 where each shot didn't produce smoke and it wouldn't gather up into a big white blotch so quickly. (I'm guessing here. That's what it seemed like to me.)

-Muzzle Flash for guns with low visual flash (SA80, XM2010, Bizon) look weird when fired due to the dimming effect that was present in 4.8. I would say to use the method used in 4.7 but the flash on newer guns (AWSM, M2HB, etc.) get ridiculously bright and the flash outline is very visible. I dunno...
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