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frequent crash at startup

I have ipod touch 2nd gen. Cannot upgrade anymore to recent igun app (for some reason you stopped support this old ipod touch). Igun pro crashed constantly at startup and I have to try up to 50 times a day. Sometime I can get it started in day, more often not. Reinstall is not an option since itune does not have the old version anymore. What's going on? Thanks!!
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  • Apple does not allow new app submissions to support both the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iOS 6.0 and the older devices before iOS 4.3. Unfortunately, in order to support newer hardware, we had to drop support for the older devices.

    You can sync an existing copy of an app from your device onto your computer via iTunes. This also backs up your data as well, in case you need to do a full device restore in the future. Syncing via iTunes is the only way to re-install an app version that is no longer in the App Store. But make sure the correct app version is safely backed up on your computer before trying to delete it from your device.
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