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Had on old iPhone now got a Samsung phone.

Had igun pro on my iphone 6s. Problem is I no longer have that iphone . Not to mention I spent a lot of cash on this game. Now I've got the Samsung Galaxy j3v . Is there any way I can get everything I paid for transferred to the Samsung phone? Be much appreciated
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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) February 15, 2019 21:17
    Your iGun Pro account data is tied to a specific device. If you factory reset or change your device, your iGun Pro account is lost. Unless you have access to the previous account's 40-digit iGun Pro account ID, there is not much we can do to recover your lost account. If you had made in-app purchases, we can manually restore those purchases if you can send us your in-app purchase receipts to along with your current 40 digit account ID.
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