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I’m confused

How do I transfer my I gun Pro data from my SD card to my new phone

I have gotten a new phone and I have igunpro on my sd card that has a lot of good data that I want to keep the data. I need to know how I can transfer my old igunpro data that is on my sd card to my new phone.

note: my new phone is a Motorola model X4
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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) May 29, 2019 19:38
    There is a feature that allows you to link accounts across multiple devices without requiring a Facebook account.

    1. Go to the Options screen (gear icon) and use the "Link Accounts" button.
    2. On the device which you want to hold your Master account (usually the device with all your guns), use "Request Link Code" to generate a time-limited linking code.
    3. On the other device where you want to link with your Master account, use "Enter Link Code" to link that device to the Master account.
    4. If you had already merged your account with Facebook, make sure you are signed in before you try to link other devices to that Master account.
    5. There is a limit of 5 devices that can link to a Master account.

    If you plan on keeping both devices, it doesn't really matter which device holds your Master account. But if you plan to sell one device, you should use the other device that you plan to keep to hold the Master account. And remember to unlink it from the Master account before selling it.
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