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I’m conned

I have bought coins fot the all gun option. Now its not unlocked. I have now 10462 coins and need to buy the option for € 21,99

I bought the all guns by the option to get more coins to unlock them al. When doing that i had a internet problem. Now i have reseved the coins but need to unlock all the guns for €/$ 21,99. How can this be fixed??
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  • When you tap on the "Unlock All Guns" button, you should have been given the option to pay $19.99 or pay 10,000 coins. If that is not case, please email your 40-digit iGun Pro account to, and we will manually add the "Unlock All Guns" item to your account and deduct the 10,000 coins from your account.

    To find your 40-digit account ID:

    1. Enter the Link Account screen (tap on the gear icon)
    2. Email the 40-digit iGun Pro account ID to Take a screenshot if that's easier for you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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