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I’m happy lucky and like I gun pro forever if they give me 50000 coins

I purchasd 500 coins and I didn't get them

I purchasd 500 coins and I didn't get them
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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) November 18, 2016 20:58
    Please forward us your Apple App Store or Google Play Store receipt along with your 40-digit iGun Pro account ID, so we can reconcile your transaction and manually add the coins to your account.

    On iOS:

    1. Launch the iOS system Settings app, scroll down to find iGunPro and turn "Email Support" to "ON".
    2. Tap the Options button (gear icon) .
    3. Tap "Account Management", scroll down, and tap "Email Support".
    4. A pre-filled email form will be populated with your account information. Write a short note describing your tech support issue. Tap "Send" to email to our support email address.

    On Android:

    1. Enter the Link Account screen (tap on the gear icon)
    2. Email the 40-digit iGun Pro account ID to Take a screenshot if that's easier for you.
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