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I recently re-download the game but I didn't get any of the guns I purchased.

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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) April 29, 2019 19:43
    If you are on iOS, and you were previously signed in to Facebook, just sign in to the same Facebook account to regain access to your iGun Pro account. If you activate a new device or factory reset your device, restore your data from an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup. If you could not restore from a backup, make sure you have Document and Data Syncing turned on in your iCloud settings (turn on iCloud Drive on iOS 9), and the app will try to recover your account data from iCloud. Otherwise, if you do not have access to the old device, there is no way to be able to link your accounts. Unless you have access to the previous account's 40-digit iGun Pro account ID, there is not much we can do to recover your lost account. If you had made in-app purchases, we can manually restore those purchases if you send your Apple App Store or Google Play Store in-app purchase receipts along with your current 40 digit account ID to
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