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I need some help

Hello guys, I'm a fan from quite a while and I have a little problem with iGun Pro.
My iPod is a Gen 2 iPod (I'm too poor to buy a new one) and you know it runs iOS 4.2.1 and I still have the iGun Pro version 5.2, the last one supported by this iPod. It worked perfectly and I had a lot of guns, but it stopped working once my wireless connection was on, it only stood on the loading screen, froze and it closed the app, but, when I'm offline it works perfectly. The thing is that my iPod got a reset event (someone attempted too many times to input the password and failed) and lost all my guns.

Now I can't access the app with the wi-fi on to re-download the guns and I really would love to have them back.
I love this app so much and I've always kept it on my iPod, but it's a bit too sad that I can't do it anymore.
Anyway, if you could give me a tip about it I'd be happy. It's okay if you can't fix it (it's an old version anyway) I'l try to get a new iPod so, thanks for reading me.
Have a nice November and luck on everything.
Greetings from Mexico
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  • Unfortunately, we no longer support iGun Pro version 5.2 on iOS 4.2.1. Since the app can no longer contact our servers to re-download your previously purchased guns, you will need to do a full restore from an iTunes backup. Unfortunately, you cannot restore one app; you will need to restore the entire iPod contents. If you do not have a recent iTunes backup, then there is not much you can do. Sorry.
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    • Hello!

      I've just purchased an Android phone 4.2.2 version, downloaded iGun Pro, and I too have iPod Touch 2G, on which I have iGun Pro too installed. I have the same problem with WiFi and the app crash, so I can't transfer my guns and coins. Can you please help me transfer them, since I can't link these two devices, but I've backed up my iGun Pro to facebook. I would be very grateful.
      Thank you in advance!
    • We will need your iGun Pro Account IDs from both devices to complete the transfer.

      On iOS, this will be your UDID on older devices:

      To find a device's UDID, you need to plug your device into iTunes, click on the device, and click on the "Serial Number" label and it will change to "Identifier (UDID)". Then use the menu command Edit -> Copy Identifier (UDID), and email that info to

      On Android, your Account ID is the 40-character string at the top of the Link Accounts screen (tap the gear icon).

      Email us both Account IDs and we will transfer the accounts.
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