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iGun Pro 2 Android Subscription and Reward

So iGun Pro 2 just released for Android and I'm considering downloading it, but there's one thing I'm unsure of: Does it need an all access subscription? It's not mentioned in the description and I don't want to delete some treasured apps to free up space for something that I will eventually just delete. And also, I read that having the original iGun Pro alongside this one would yield a reward, but does it still apply if you delete iGun Pro and then download iGun Pro 2?
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  • Daniel (Mobile App Developer) August 07, 2019 19:52
    iGunPro 2 does offer an all-access subscription if you wish to have access to all content. If you feel the subscription is not for you, we do have a growing offering of select guns, attachments, and patterns that you can access for free.

    Linking from iGunPro to iGunPro 2 was only an early access feature to offer our most dedicated iOS users some bonus content. This type of linking is no longer supported. iGunPro and iGunPro 2 are two distinct applications with different features, so there is no way to have a 1-to-1 transfer that you are looking for.
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