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igun pro no holiday skins

My son has been a loyal, active, customer for a couple years. He's super ticked that he hasn't gotten any of the Christmas skins & we can't figure out how. Please help!!!!!!
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  • Joe (Graphic Designer) December 21, 2015 14:35
    First, make sure you have iGun v5.21 or v5.22. You can see which version you have by opening iGun, pressing the gear button toward the bottom of the home screen, and then looking in the top right corner of the options page.

    After you have the right version there are multiple ways to get to the holiday skins. One way is to press the Store button, then the Skins button, then the Sort By Skin Type tab at the bottom. There is then a 12Days category that has all the available holiday skins.

    Hope this helps.
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