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I’m Sad that this is not in the Game.

Improvement Points and New stuff for the Game iGun Pro II

Please Add to The Game iGun Pro II

1. Weapons
Sniper Rifles: AS 50, AX338
Revolver: Mateba 6, Colt Python
Assault Rifle: H&K 53, XM8, Saritch 308, FX05,
LMG: M60, M3, M249
Pistols: H&K USB Match, Glock G18,

2. More Attachments
Side Mounted Reflex Sight
A Picatinny Rail Extension
A Flip up Gun sight that works
A Scope Mount like the G28 has
More than 10 Attachments that can be mounted on the Weapons.
Scope mounts for Pistols like the Race guns have them.

3. Colours
The Ability to save colour pattern that you create.
The Ability to import own colour pattern and Texture as well as Pictures or so.
Camouflage names by Country of whom are they used by and more of them

Those are some of my Improvement Points of the Game
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