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PDRT Not designed right

Great app, simply loves it. But has some problems, the new PDRT Soviet rifle can actually eject spent cartridges by means of recoiling the barrel to unlock and push back the bolt automatically, ejecting the case. And then a new round is chambered manually. Hoping to see a fix, thanks, you guys have been doing great!
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  • We are aware of the automatic ejection on the PTRD, however, we were unable to locate a single video online that showed it operating in this fashion to reference. It may be addressed at a later date.
    • Yeah you're right, I've been looking for these vedios ever since you replied with no success... However I've heard that a Russian film called something like Defence of Moscow there were PTRD. I've recently discovered some other issues, for instance the FN F2000, the real sights of these guns should be optical sights slightly taller than those in the app, and black is the standard color. And the special ejecting system eject cases when about 5 shells are in the tube. Don't exactly know but since it is a gun designed after the vedio cameras became popular there should be vedios about it... Another one is the Norinco "98" shotgun, I've researched about it with no success, but recently I've found articles of Norinco 97 which is exactly the same and operates in the same manner, but it does not have a Type 98 varient, so yeah... Probably need to fix those, but correct me if I make a mistake please~ Thanks a lot, you guys have done some of the most amazing stuffs I've ever seen!!
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