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Sync android version with my account

I always loved this app, and finally I can use it again on my galaxy s4. Problem is, I had unlocked almost every gun on my iPhone, and now there seems to be no way with the android version to login and sync the weapons I had. I no longer have a iOs device, so I can't get a linking code anywhere. Is there a way for you to help with this?
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    If you do not have the previous device - the only way this would be possible is if you had previously signed into Facebook.

    To do this we will need your Facebook ID. You can find this information by taking your facebook homepage url '' and changing it to '' - You should see some information and a numeric facebook id. Take this information along with your current account ID from your iGunPro Android device (which you can see along the top of link accounts portal) and email and we'll try to help you out.

    If didn't previously sign into Facebook - then it might still be possible to dig up your old account information... however its quite a bit more work. You might be able to find out what your old device ID (udid) by digging around on a computer that previously synced it (would just need to know more information about platform). Otherwise we'll just have to evaluate what information we do have.
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