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Updated to the new iPhone but lost everything

Just updated to the new iPhone 6 plus & changed carrier so now I lost all my guns and coins I have earned. I don't have Facebook & don't want it plus I had upgraded from the 4 to the 5, reported what I did and got everything back so can that be done again? Thanks
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  • When you activated your new iPhone and restored your data from iCloud backup, your iGun Pro data should have been restored.

    If you have contacted us in the past with your iGun Pro account information, we should still have your details in our email system.

    Please send us your current iGun Pro account information, and we will investigate further:

    1. Launch the Settings app, find iGunPro and turn "Email Support" to "ON".
    2. Tap the Options button (gear icon) .
    3. Tap "Account Management", scroll down, and tap "Email Support".
    4. A pre-filled email form will be populated with your account information. Write a short note describing your tech support issue. Tap "Send" to email to our support email address.
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