"Iwanttobeatvprogrammer" is still broken; is it a Macintosh?

Background: I have created a 4 card "wantobeatvprogramer" time line. I mixed my time line with another and have several cards associated with mine. I created a duplicated time line thinking I could delete the unwanted cards. I cannot. Now I cannot delete the second time line without getting an error messages that says the following: "Some scenes are not published. Delete or Publish them before cutting." I don't want to publish as yet since I have only 4 cards and I need 5 to qualify. I cannot delete anything now so I can not start over. All solutions to the problem are defeated by the error message show above. I offer two points regarding this: one I am on a Macintosh; that could be the problem, second most likely Adobe Flash maybe involved and that would cause unpredictable results. Finally, someone with technical authority may delete my "iwanttobeatvprogrammer" time line, I no longer want to "be" a candidate.
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