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A true fan

Dear Current TV,
As president of the American Know-Nothing party I would like to compliment you on your fine programming on ‘Mitt and Mormonism’. I felt like it did an accurate job of portraying the dangers of the Mormon Church.
The program did an excellent job of portraying the important side of the issue. Interviewing people who are disenchanted and hostile to the Mormon Church in depth was quite revealing. Asking people predetermined to be hostile is the best way to get an unbiased opinion. On the other side, hostile questioning towards faithful members, cutting away portions of the conversation, and general suspicion of seemingly benevolent people. Oh and the dramatic music in minor malicious chords every time a representative of the church spoke? Nice touch. Those subtleties don’t go unnoticed to the trained eye. I especially find found the technique to take a disrespectful tone towards things that others hold to be spiritually important and then using their initial shocked responses quite pertinent and relevant. There is no time for understanding when the truth is to be had!
The threat of Mormonism is quite real. Just today I saw my Mormon neighbor who studies at physics at BYU, the Mormon university, home on vacation. Though he seemed very cordial and friendly I couldn’t help but notice a book ‘Quantum Mechanics’ under his arm. I personally do not approve of anything that I cannot understand. He claims to be participating in research on protein channels that exist in the flu virus. To what end I might ask? He may be looking to better his world. Or perhaps he is looking to get a foot in the mind controlling inoculations business. Am I wrong to suspect the worst?
For years religious institutions other than my own have been threatening the freedoms of our nation. I would like to encourage you to have similar programs. I would even go as far as to encourage some titles. “The Hidden Symbolism of the Star of Lieberman” or perhaps “JFK: From Rome with Love” are two I would happily see on the program menu.
Anyways I do not wish to take more of your time. Such fine reporting must be an intensive process. I just wanted you to know that at least you have one adoring fan.
Yours Truly,
A fellow Know-Nothing