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Access - Vanguard Episodes

Hey Current TV!

First of all I have to say I LOVE your network, and am especially in love with the show Vanguard. The only problemcito is that I've found is that not all Vanguard full episodes are available to stream online. I looked on Amazon to see if I could buy a DVD, but still to no avail. Is there any way I can somehow gain access to these interviews? I've been abroad for over 2 years now which is why I cannot access it on TV. Vanguard is such an AMAZING show and it pains me that I cannot see all the episodes, and even more, share these episodes (and the issues that they tackle in the show) with my friends.

If you could somehow help me, that would be great!!



PS I think that South America has been very much an overlooked continent - whether it's about preparations for the World Cup in Brazil, reproductive health issues in Chile (even therapeutic abortion is not legal here), intraregional immigration, especially from Peru and Bolivia, there are lots of interesting issues to cover! :)
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