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I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and it had nothing to do with the fact that I'm from Tennessee. I'm sorry I did now. I had already posted on my Facebook that the real reason this firing of Keith Olbermann happened was so you could get out of paying him his money before I even read Keith's tweet responses that confirmed it. I also knew even before reading online reports months ago that your sets look like they're from 20 years ago and there were lots of technical problems during shows. It was more like a public access channel than an alleged "network". So you fired Keith because he's an asshole you say. Gee, if only you had know that before you hired this 22 year old kid Keith fresh out of college that had never worked anywhere before. Oh, wait. Keith had worked a dozen places before so you knew exactly what you were getting. You can't hire a known asshole and then fire him for being an asshole. That's like hiring Charles Manson to be your butler and then saying you didn't know he would kill anybody when you find all the bodies. So Keith's an asshole but that doesn't change the fact that he's the most intelligent asshole on TV and I should know because I'm a very intelligent asshole too. So you put Elliot Spitzer on at 8 PM. 8 PM the prime spot. Elliot Spitzer, a guy that couldn't cut it as one of the many junior varsity hosts CNN employs. He wasn't even good enough to be junior varsity there but you're going to make him your starting quarterback at Current. Pure genius. I had already told people Current wasn't going to be around much longer anyway with Keith. Now, after you guys have to pay him what you owe after you lose in court, and you will lose in court, Spitzer's going to be getting McEnroe numbers. You know about McEnroe don't you. McEnroe on MSNBC years ago got a zero rating. THAT'S ZERO! Only McEnroe wasn't the starting quarterback at MSNBC so they survived. Your other hosts are even more boring than Spitzer so what's worse than a zero rating? Maybe people will shoot their TV like Elvis. So Gore cares about the environment he says but he cares about money more it seems since he's acting like a damn Republican with this crooked maneuver. Your public access channel "network" will not survive and I will throw a party when the lights go out. It may or may not be bigger than the party I throw when Keith gets his money. No telling.
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