attn: Cenk (a humble comment on "gun control" vs. "Fourth Amendment" ...& Alex Jones)

Attention & Greetings, Cenk.

This is really more of a comment than an "idea"... if may respectfully offer: On the topic of "gun control" vs. "Fourth Amendment".

I have been enjoying the "debate" / chat between you and Alex Jones.

Bottom Line: I think you make some really reasonable points -- essentially, "it's all about the money". And so why would "they" ("the elite") want to go and F it up by rounding everyone up and putting them in prisons? That would be an economic disaster. Obviously. There is no particularly logical "free market capitalist" reason to go in that direction.

And if that is essence of your argument, I agree with you.

But consider this... because I do absolutely believe that the Fourth Amendment is most certainly NOT in the Constitution in consideration of "hunting", wouldn't you agree? Please?

And I agree with you, it's all about the money. (Obviously.)

But I believe the money works like this...

Please consider the FBI's annual budget (~50 Billion USD).

That's a HUGE amount of money to simply "spend". (It's not requiring a profit, per se. This money is not in pursuit of a commercial end, per se.) That's 50 Billion every year is pursuit of an agenda -- without regard to profit. Right?

So what's the agenda of the FBI?

Honestly, I believe the purpose of the FBI is to feed itself -- in the service of the protection of the Federal authority. (Perhaps a bit raw, but I believe you might agree in concept.)

Fine. So of course the FBI is going to maintain an ongoing effort to strip citizens of their guns. OF COURSE! The FBI would NOT be doing a complete and thorough JOB (of protecting Federal Authority) if it was not always actively working to minimize the firepower of the citizenry.

Please. You must see that. Right?

So... it's not so much that "the elite" want to round up the people (and watch the economy crumble) -- of course not. Rather, I believe it is more about the FBI (in particular, but I believe the same could be said about the entire Federal security / intelligence / military industries) working to justify itself, and fulfill it's purpose of planning ahead in the protect of Federal authority. And they get USD 50 Billion A YEAR!!!! (That's crazy.)

In any event, you and your crew are awesome!


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