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I’m sad

broken links and terrible site design

Most of the shows listed on the main vanguard episode guide page - where the shows are listed and described throughout all seasons - do not actually deliver viewers to the content, at all. It dumps you onto a 'sorry' page where none of the available content is even related to the show attempting to be reached.

A quick search does prove that these full-length shows are available to stream, via this site, but they are not directly linked to their listing on the episode guide page. I'm sure that casual explorers interested in viewing your content are turned off from this.

ALSO, you make it very difficult to watch Countdown segments that are from the same day. hey are not linked together outside of the drop-down tab the provide a link to a specific days' content. As the videos do not appear to follow any rational method of organization if you allow the player to 'play more' - specifically, jumping to segments that may have aired weeks or months previously - I can only speculate that nobody on your staff realizes that when watching KO on Countdown, half of the point of watching an episode of countdown IS WATCHING THE SHOW IN ORDER, to be able to actually follow his themes and references to earlier segments. I find this to be a very basic lapse in the presentation of your most-visible program and host. A viewer is required to return to another page entirely to find the next available segment for a specific day, as nothing in the side bars is either 1)dated or 2)referenced in any fashion.
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