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I’m frustrated

Community Guidlines and Moderators

To Whom it May Concern,

This will be my third communication with you in as many days. Recently, in a thread about the theft of cookies from Walmart, I responded to a question about why corporations put money ahead of people including their own employees. I said the fact that corporations have changed from personnel departments, to human resource departments was telling. This comment was challenged by Mishima, a member of your online community. When I explained that from a sociological point of view, symbolism is an important thing, he used this as a starting point to attack my profession as "jabberwocky" and to attack me personally as a bully to my students and someone who should get out of the classroom.

He high jacked the thread and has admitted it to me personally, and deleted 11 comments on the thread in order to hide this fact. In those comments he claimed to be published in peer reviewed journals. I think he was using this comment to prove to me that he was qualified to call the things we teach at my institution useless and that I was of no use as an educator. This infuriated me and I told him if he could prove to me that he was indeed published in a peer review journal I would leave Current.

I have found no evidence of him being published in a peer reviewed journal but it is my opinion, and the opinion of others that he was trying to bait me into breaking Currents guidelines on privacy by getting me to look for his true identity.

At one point he made me so angry that said things about his character that I regretted and later apologized for. This can be confirmed by looking at the thread and reading my apology. I deleted one comment. The one that I feel was rude. Mishima on the other hand deleted 11 comments in a clear attempt to high jack the thread, challenge and bait me, and then get rid of the comments in an attempt to hide his actions.

My question is, if a person can break the community guidelines at will, high jacking insulting others, making disparaging remarks about a person professionally and personally, and then get away with it by simply deleting those comments in their entirety, Than what good are the guidelines in the first place?

I have still not decided if I will continue on with my Current account, but I think this situation has just encouraged one member of your online community to be disruptive, rude, bait people, high jack threads and so on, knowing full well they can get away with it after the damage is done by deleting their comments in their entirety. Again, Mishima deleted 11 comments in attempt to hide what he said not from me and the rest of the Current community, but to hide it from you the moderators.

He told me without reservations and I quote "And yes, I will get permanently booted by those posts; that is why I deleted all of them." I have the e-mail to verify that is what he said if you want to view it.

Again, what good are community guidelines if someone can break virtually every one of them in a single conversation and then get rid of the evidence that they did so by simply deleting them after the damage is done?

Thank you for your time,
Jim Stoner
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