Disgusted w/Current and your treatment of Keith Olbermann

Disgusted w/Current and how you treated Olbermann. You used him to get viewers over from MSNBC then never gave him a decent set, tools to work with or bothered really promoting the show. How long did the man have a black screen? You treated a veteran news professional like crap. I hope he sues Current into the next century.

Even Granholm, who has to be the MOST excruciatingly boring political host on the planet, got a decent set to work on. Seriously...her show is so bad it's painful. Brett Ehrlich's segment is the only decent thing about it.

And you're replacing KO w/Spitzer? Are you kidding me? The guy had the worst ratings on CNN since Glenn Beck.

It's obvious what Current is working towards with your lineup - instead of being a truly independent progressive political voice...you're packing your lineup with Democratic Party hacks and suck ups. You're working to be the Fox News for the Democrats. Bleecccth. No thanks.


A former viewer.
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