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I’m indifferent

Epic politics man gave you(Romney) the elbow from above.

It's not really a problem, just an observation. First of all I like your show a lot, but I watched the exchange between you and your "Epic" politics dude. And I have to tell you he made you look like a loud mouthed jack-ass. You (Romney) did have a small good point about the 1% getting most of the advantages, which I think we already knew but Obama could pretty easily rebut your claims just like he tried to do, of course if you would have let him answer it would have been pretty obvious. He's right though, you need some lessons on debating. Not letting him answer made you look desperate and like you didn't want him to answer for fear of being debunked. At any rate the show is great and I think you should do more shows on the waste of money known as the "war on drugs".
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