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I’m sad

Food Stamps/ SSI

Can i come to work for you?? OMG You did the one thing I have prayed someone would do, and that is be truthful about food stamps! Several years ago I made the mistake of getting sick in this country... I eventually ended up on SSI... Becasue I choose to be a stay at home mother, so my total income was 675.00 now SSI said... I could not receive food stamps, they are a sale-able item, you can not own any sale-able items...Literally 675.00 was for everything Rent, gas electric, food... good luck with that... when I asked about section 8 housing ... there was none. but they said I should only spend 30% of that income on housing... 185.00 a month???? UUUMMMM... O,K where do I find that??? Not their responsibility... If you check out my Facebook page... I am not ( obviously stupid, ignorant, last or a drug addict) So I started looking at what government feels is reasonable, I started with the food pyramid...I would love to be able to follow the food pyramid for one month ans see what the total is... and compare that to what the average person on food stamps is given...The fact is... To be healthy one has to eat the right foods, if the government wants to cut down what is spent on medical care... they need to increase the ability of families to eat good foods. If the government wants to cut down on dental care... same applies, if the government want to stop people from cheating they need to provide enough to sustain a family whose main income is SSI...If we are to create a healthy society we need to give them hope.
I was a single mother with 2 children... living on 675.00 a month...consider that statement...