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I’m angry that Current promised much then proved they lied

Great idea - Actually become professional

1. The amateur technical issues exhibited every day are indicative of amateur staff and an indifferent management who cares little about content and execution.
HIRE REAL STAFF and give a shit.
Tried to watch Spitzer ONE MORE TIME last night but when I couldn't tune out the improperly tuned pre-recorded show and realized it was technical on YOUR END, I gave up entirely
SHOW some respect for your audience and at least TRY to APPEAR professional

2. I am unimpressed with attempts by Mr Gore ( as VP, supported and even promoted extraordinary rendition as a policy for the US - Liberal? Not even progressive) to create a "liberal" voice when he shows little respect for his employees.
Sure Mr Olbermann is a bit of a prima donna but that is why you hired him. He performs and he is the only voice for the Left in the Medium. Cenk appears to have lost his balls; Bill Press is just doing his radio show in video as are the one or two others. Spitzer has some good points but as an "On Air" personality, he fails..

If I have to see one more TV talking head genuflect to Mr Gore, I think I will vomit.
Do they all have to pledge allegiance and salute when they come into work too?

So, as a viewer, I have no reason to view.
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