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I LOVE your network

I recently read about Current in an issue of Newsweek. I read the entire article, and then went to wikipedia and looked your network up. That lead me to so many things I'd never heard or seen before. Then I went to google & looked you up, found your site, and saw that you are on my Dishnetwork, so I quickly added your channel to my favorites. I now save The War Room to my hard drive every night and watch it the next day. I am so excited by that show!! I loved the one on Friday live from D.C. I must confess to having been a gop voter for most of my adult life, until 2008. I heartily agree with everything the Govenor says. I plan to go to my town office of Bridgewater Corners, VT tomorrow & change from no party affiliation to Democrat. THANK YOU Current TV for showing me the truth.