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my father is currently serving a life sentence with no hope for parole for a non-violent marijuana conviction. He has served 20+ years, is in his 60's, and his clemency request to the president was just denied. my father is not alone. there are many non-violent marijuana offenders who will never get out of prison. How about doing a story on these guys? find moreinfoat .
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  • Amy, I'm so sorry for you. The only way your dad will ever have a chance to see daylight is if the prison/jail system goes back to being goverment-operated. I don't know exactly when it happened, but the prison system now is "Privatixed." What this means is is that it's a BUSINESS. Not only does these businesss owners what to keep the Prisoners they now have, but they want MORE. The moreprisoners, the more money, the more prisons that need to be built. It's very sad. But the only way we will ever have a chance to see the "war on drugs" come to an end is if we hang tough and tell our representatives - state and federal - that the "Privatization" of the prison system is a complete failure, and we'd rather have a tax increase in order to have dominion over the prison system be in the hands of the U. S. government.
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