I’m sad

Live streaming APP like Aljazeera since Time Warner Dumped Current

Starting to loose interest in Current programming since we can't get programs as Time warner dumped Current at te exact time of contract signing... sounds like it will NEVER be back on Time Warner again.

Current Web site content is very limited and not worth time time to even spend on a few segments on web and youtube.

Miss TYT, Viewpoint and War Room for sure...

If new owners are really SERIOUS about building a new network you sure MISSED the target and might have guess that a name like Al Jeerza would have brand issues to the average uneducated American veiwer , FOX (FAUX) news is an example.

Well as a loyal center / left aligned viewer would suggest... even BEG for an IPAD Streaming APP or streaming via WEB in anyway...

WAKE UP the Ship is sinking
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