M.T. Bar on C. Dorner

C. Dorner. This man will die. It's a given. He will be killed, put down like an animal. The question is: Can he rock their world before he does? We aren't talking about some crackpot that has gone looney tunes, around the bend. We're talking about a police force that kills women, children, the elderly and others and always walks. They're rarely charged, never convicted. They practice legal murder openly. They would be charged if people weren't too afraid to do so. So can this man rock their world? A lot of people should think not and have their doubts because he would have to probably kill over a hundred of the chaff. But there's always hope. Maybe God will help him. Not that God will help him kill but maybe God will give him time he normally wouldn't have. It's too bad that there aren't a thousand more just like him to help him because he's battling monsters. Not the kind that are internal monsters of the mind but real, external monsters that hold a badge and a gun and commit murder with impunity because the ordinary people are too scared to speak up. So God bless him. This is Biblical. That's a funny thing to say considering he doesn't care about God, Jesus, or the Bible. Can he be like the Batman rising up against an evil, corrupt big police farce and eventually foil them? One guy versus thousands. Someone who battles cowards that would riddle two innocent women delivering newspapers just sitting in their vehicle with bullets . Another crime that will never be prosecuted. One more among hundreds, nay, thousands. After all, the cowards that lit these two women up don't even have to be expected to be able to differentiate between the sexes. Maybe someone in some small way can reach out and give him help and hope in his seemingly fruitless endeavor. If not, he only has God. And the mystery of God can work wonders. Maybe that will be enough. This didn't happen in a vacuum. These are the monsters of America the great. Monsters that are normally invisible if you and your family want to go on living. But surprise, surprise someone stood up, stands in the breach and casts a light upon their darkness. It isn't dirty harry that he's up against. He's up against the wicked who will answer one way or another when their time comes. The chaff being thrown on a pile and burned in a fire that never extinguishes. All I'm saying is that there are good cops and bad cops. And he's the ugly. Right Clint?
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