Mobile site doesn't work very well

The mobile site is designed horribly. Instead of having to hit load more EVERY time it should be next page. After reading a news story and then wanting to go find another one on the previous page, you have to hit load more a thousand times to get back to where you were. Change it or your site will be too annoying to visit.

Also, when reading a story on the mobile current it like to randomly send you to a different story without you clicking on anything. It just wants to redirect you for no reason.
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    Thanks for the feedback on our mobile site. We are always interested in hearing about issues, and ideas for improving usability. It sounds like a larger list of popular stories across all channels would be a better experience. This might also reduce the number of times you need to hit "load more" to read more stories.

    I'm passing this along to the team for consideration in an upcoming update to the site.

    As for the automatic redirect while reading stories on the site, these pages should not be redirecting you at all. I've noticed some touchiness when viewing on an iPhone (or other phone with a touchscreen). Accidental clicks are fairly easy on these devices. However, if you continue to experience this, please let us know.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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