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Bring back viewer created content

Could viewer created content be incorporated more frequently?

Current, I've found, has always been a reliable source for quality content not just for the sake of entertainment or "numbing of the mind" as some would put it, but informing the public on events or just general subjects to a degree that the average television network would never put the time or effort into providing. Vanguard is a fantastic show that goes lengths to get the truth, the whole truth, that others rarely have the courage and dedication to go and the satirical take on public media that infomania provides is always refreshing.
I have a great respect for the network and its programs as well as its providers, but the one thing I found most enjoyable was the viewer created content. It's what always had me coming back. No other network offers such an intrigueing segment. Viewer created content allowed exploration of subjects and people in ways that other networks did not offer the public and/or its viewers access or the ability to do.
In the exploration of subcultures, lifestyles, public movements, artists, creators, and innovators, one could learn practically firsthand how such things function. One would learn the inner workings that would not be evident in exploration by what is only displayed on what would seem to be a "surface level."
I've learned of the depletion of bee populations, the underground punk movement in Japan, obscure clothing designers, objectum sexuals, collectors of the most unusual sorts and the list goes on and on.
If it were not for current, I would not have been able to learn of all of these things. I would not have been able to witness them for myself. The closest I will ever get to Japan is California. Not only does viewer created content allow me to explore subjects of interest that I otherwise would not have known existed, but it opens doors for exploration in new areas. Viewer created content allows expansion in knowledge of subjects that would otherwise be untouched and remain unfamiliar to the public.
It once took up the majority of the time slots, but now all of the time seems to be filled with regularly scheduled programs. Infomania, Vanguard, Countdown, etc. I know what to expect. Is there any way that Viewer created content can be incorporated more frequently? Even if it's not as frequent as it once was- though, that would be fantastic- it's still a great addition.
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